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Prepare for your pharmacy law exam with our free MPJE Practice Questions. The MPJE is a 120-question pharmacy law exam combining federal and state-specific questions. Passing this difficult exam is a requirement for pharmacy licensure. Try a selection of our MPJE practice questions by choosing a test from the list below.

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The MPJE, or Multistate Pharmacy Jurisprudence Examination, is a test developed by the National Association of Boards of Pharmacy to evaluate a prospective pharmacist’s knowledge of pharmacy law. It is a computer-based exam that lasts 2½ hours. The exam tests knowledge on both federal and state laws, so the content varies from state to state. Forty-nine boards of pharmacy nationwide require passing the exam for licensure in their jurisdiction.

The MPJE has 120 questions in total, but only 100 are operational; the other 20 questions are pretest questions and are not counted in your final score. The exam is scored on a scale from 0–100, with a passing score being 75.

This is an adaptive exam, meaning the computer selects your next question based on how you answered previous ones. Both right and wrong answers are used to estimate your ability level and assign new questions. Consequently, when taking the test, you must answer all questions in the order they are presented; no questions can be skipped.

You can only have your score reported if you answer at least 107 of the 120 questions. That said, those who answer more than 107 questions but less than all 120 will have a penalty applied to their score, so it’s important to answer every question in a timely manner.

To pass the MPJE, it’s critical that you study the tested information and get plenty of practice with the types of questions it will ask. Our MPJE practice questions include federal- and state-specific questions to cover all test material. We also provide informational explanations to make sure you know why each answer is correct. Start your studying now with our free MPJE prep questions!